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Monday, 04/08/2013

Drukair Airbus A319s Seating Configuration

Drukair launched a major cabin refurbishment programme. The airline's Airbus A319 aircrafts have been reconfigured with 16 Business Class and 102 Economy Class seats.

Thursday, 08/21/2014

Drukair Charter Services

Should you need to charter an entire flight to Paro (PBH) for your travellers, this is now possible with Drukair Charter Services. Find out more about Drukair Charter Services for both international destinations, domestic routes and mountain flights to see the Himalaya.

Monday, 01/16/2012

Drukair Flights

Due to the geographical location and operating challenges out of Paro airport in Bhutan which is severely dependent on weather conditions, the schedule timings are subject to change without prior notice. Travelers are therefore, requested to check with Drukair offices or its agent for the latest information. Drukair reserves the rights without assigning any reason to cancel, reschedule, or overfly or delay the commencement or deviate from the route of the journey. Therefore, all passengers are a

Wednesday, 12/26/2012

Drukair Terms & Conditions

Read the full terms and conditions in using the DrukAir website, applicable for tickets, stopovers, fares and charges, reservations, check-in, baggage, and more.

Monday, 01/16/2012

Passport and Visa to enter Bhutan

All foreigners visiting Bhutan must have a valid visa clearance letter issued by the Department of Immigration of Bhutan prior to boarding of all Drukair flights bound Bhutan. They are required to produce a copy of the visa clearance letter issued by the Department of Immigration- Bhutan at the time of check-in. Any passenger without valid visa clearance letter will be denied at Check-in counter and Drukair will not be liable for any claims.

Monday, 01/16/2012

Drukair Baggage Guidelines

For the purpose of easy identification, please label all baggage on the inside as well as on the outside with your name, address and telephone no. Name labels are available at all Drukair offices and check-in counters. Remember to lock your baggage to prevent it from falling open. The Carrier is not liable for loss of, damage to or delay in the delivery of fragile or perishable articles, money, jewellery, silverware, negotiable papers, securities or other valuables, business documents or samp

Sunday, 09/23/2012

Check-in and Transfer at Changi Airport Terminal 1

Find out about where to check-in and transfer at Changi Airport Terminal 1 for Drukair flights KB501 to Paro, Bhutan.

Monday, 01/16/2012

Drukair Baggage Allowance

The free baggage allowances on scheduled international flights are as follows: BUSINESS CLASS 30 kg (68POUNDS) ECONOMY CLASS 20 kg (44 pounds) INFANTS: Infants paying only 10% of the applicable air fare are not entitled to any free baggage allowance.