Check-in and Transfer at Changi Airport Terminal 3

Please note that from July 2022, Drukair Check-in will be moved to Row 10 at Changi Terminal 3

Check-in counters for Drukair flights to Paro, Bhutan, at Changi Terminal 3

Where to check in for Drukair

Passengers bound for Paro, Bhutan, on Drukair KB541/KB900, should proceed to check-in at Changi Airport Terminal 3, Row 10. 
Check-in counters are open 3 hours prior to departure time and closes 60 min before scheduled departure.

What to bring for Drukair Check-in

Please present your valid passport (6 months validity), your Drukair e-tickets and a valid visa to Bhutan at check-in counters. 
Passengers without any either a valid passport or visa may be refused boarding of flight to Paro and Guwahati.

Drukair Seat Allocation

Passengers can request for their preferred seats when checking-in and our check-in staff will try their best to accommodate. 
Please note that seats are allocated on a first-come first-serve basis.

To check the latest departure timing for Drukair, please visit Changi Airport’s Passenger Departure information page.

Transfer counters for Drukair flights to Paro, Bhutan, at Changi Terminal 3

Passengers on transit to Paro, Bhutan, on KB541/KB900 should proceed to Transfer A or Changi Airport Terminal 3 Row 8/10 to collect their boarding pass. Counter is opened 3 hours prior to flight departure.

Passengers on transit should ensure they have sufficient connection time for commute between the terminals. It is recommended that your arrival at Changi Airport be at least 3 hours prior to Drukair’s scheduled departure.

Straight-thru baggage transfer on-transit to Drukair

Please note that as of current update, Drukair only has interline agreement with Thai Airways (TG) and Asiana Airlines (OZ) and we can only guarantee straight thru baggage transfer for these airlines.

Passengers on other flights connecting to Drukair should request the check-in staff at their originating airport  for a straight thru tagging where possible. Should your originating airline not be able to do so, passengers will have to pick up your baggage at the conveyor belt and proceed to check-in at Terminal 3, Row 10. In this scenario, it is advisable to allow yourself at least 3 hours for connection.

Baggage Allowance and Excess Baggage 

Please note that the baggage allowances for Business Class is 40 kg and 30 kg for Economy Class.
Excess baggage will cost $15 SGD per kg for SIN-PBH and $14 SGD for SIN-GAU.

Please refer to Drukair Baggage Guidelines and Drukair Baggage Allowance for more information.

Business Class upgrade at check-in counter

Where business class seats are still available, passengers can request for an upgrade. Please contact us for the charges.
Payment can be in cash or credit cards at the payment counter.

Remote bay operation

Due to operation requirement, Drukair's flights are parked at remote bays and passengers will be transferred to the aircrafts by bus from the boarding gate.

Wheelchair Assistance to plane

Passengers with walking difficulties should request for wheelchair assistance at the check-in counters. 
Passengers with walking difficulties will have to ascertain that they can descend and ascend flights of steps.
Boarding room at Changi Terminal 1 is located on the ground level with not escalator facilities.

Should any passengers have difficulties in ascending the flight of steps to the aircraft, and a high lift is required, please inform our office at least 24 hours in advance so that the high lift can be ordered in time. 
Please note that should high lift be required, a charge of $300 SGD will be payable by the passengers.

Marhaba Lounge for Business Class Passengers

For Business Class (J-Class) Passengers on KB541 & KB900, they can also proceed to Marhaba Lounge at level 2 to make use of the lounge facilities after collecting their boarding pass and lounge invitation cards. 

Read about the seating configuration of Drukair Airbus A319 here.

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