Drukair Charter Services

There will be occasions when its necessary to have the entire flight to your own private groups of travellers. Drukair has been providing such charter services to travellers whom requires a dedicated flight either because of connectivity reasons or just the need for more privacy.

Travellers and travel management company can choose between chartering of either our Airbus A319 (118 seater) or our ATR-42 500 (48 seater)
Chartering of Drukair air crafts is available for both international and domestic routes.

Please see table below for suitable aircraft type and serviceable destination cities.

Drukair International Charter Rates      
    Summer/Winter Spring/Autumn
Destination City Airbus A319 ATR 42-500 Airbus A319 ATR 42-500
Bangkok BKK 52,400   58,660  
Singapore SIN 83,000   94,150  
Mumbai BOM 53,400   59,660  
Delhi DEL 46,800 29,500 51,000 33,775
Kathmandu KTM 23,800 14,900 25,800 15,800
Kolkata CCU 22,700 14,100 23,600 14,900
Dhaka DAC 20,500 13,000 21,000 13,800
Bagdogra IXB 13,200 8,500 15600 8,500
Guwahati GAU 19,000 11,000 22,250 11,500
Gaya GAY 22,800 15,000 25,800 15,900
Drukair Domestic Charter Rates    
Destination City Airbus A319 ATR 42-500    
Bumthang BUT   6,300    
Yongphulla YLA   7,500    
Mountain Flight   9,000 5,700    

* above rates are accurate as of August 2014. Please contact Drukair Singapore office to ascertain rate are still valid.

Security Deposit required for each charter:
$7,000 USD for Airbus A319
$3,000 USD for ATR 42-500

Terms & Conditions

  • All charters rates are quoted in USD
  • Applicable Taxes & surcharges are not included 
  • Rates quoted are one-way ferry and one-way with load
  • Full Economy Services 
  • Duty Free Allowances as per normal flight
  • Above charter rates are to/from Paro International (PBH)
  • Full payment will be required to start the process of obtaining air-traffic clearance
  • In the event of a diversion due to unfavourable weather, CHARTERER will be charged $6,200 USD per hour
  • Charterer may cancel any charter flights with 50% refund if more than 72 hours before schedule and NO REFUND if less than 72 hours
  • Subject to availability of seats, CHARTERER agrees to accept Drukair's disrupted passengers or VIP passengers on the charter flight.

Please note that charter to location in India will require at least 1 month prepartion.
This is per requirement by Indian Civil Aviation authority.

Drukair Charter Opportunities 

Due to the day-light operation hours of Paro International Airport, our aircrafts have extended layover hours in Delhi, Bangkok and Singapore.
During these layovers, Drukair will be able to undertake charters up to a range of 5 hours from DEL, BKK & SIN.

In 2023, Drukair successfully executed charters from Singapore to Koror in PalauRoman Tmetuchl International Airport (ROR). 
Prior to Palau, Drukair also executed charters from Singapore Changi Aiaport to Dili (DIL) in Timor-Leste.
We also executed twice-daily charters between Bangkok and Yangoon in May 2024.

Private Jet Charters to/from Paro International (PBH)

Working with private jets lessor, Drukair will also be able to provide private jets, such as the Gulfstream, to ferry travellers to Paro and return to their city of origin.

Please note that all private air planes to Bhutan will require a qualified pilot as guide into the valley.



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